Wednesday, April 4, 2007

R.I.P Llayah Amour Harris.

"Bonnie & CLyde 2007"
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As most of you heard, it was rumored that Tiny suffered a miscarriage last week

According to Tiny's mom Dianne Cottle, Tiny had had a difficult pregnancy and on Wednesday (3/21), Tiny knew something was wrong. Her pediatrician confirmed it: the baby girl she and Tip wanted so badly had no heartbeat. Tiny was six months along in her pregnancy.

Tiny was admitted to Northside hospital that Wednesday, and on Thursday, following a medically induced labor, Tiny delivered a stillborn baby girl in her room surrounded by Tip and family and friends. Tip named his baby girl Llayah Amour and dressed her in a tiny white dress. Then Tiny, her daughter Zonnique, and family and friends took turns holding the baby for hours. “The baby was beautiful, said Dianne. She looked just like Tip.

R&B singers Monica and Kandi Burrus visited Tiny as did Tiny's best friends from high school and Tipâ€s family. Tip had arranged to fly home to Atlanta that Wednesday as soon as he got word and he rarely left Tiny's side. Tiny's mom wanted to share this story with Tiny’s fans because I told her about the outpouring of concern and love for Tiny. Dianne said that while Tiny was in the hospital she (Tiny) was distressed to learn that bloggers were reporting she had an abortion. Tiny did not have a miscarriage or an abortion.

Tiny left the hospital on Saturday with Tip and she's doing fine. She's taking it one day at a time. You can visit Tiny's Myspace page to leave messages for Tiny or you can leave messages in this post.(

I'm also hearing that T.I made a post on his myspace though I haven't seen it. This is a very unfortunate event and I hope they'll be ok.

R.I.P:Llayah Amour !!!We love u!!!!

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