Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Rapper T.I request to host Thanksgiving dinner!

Rapper T.I. who is currently on house arrest for federal weapons violations has asked the judge who put him there to allow him to host a Thanksgiving dinner at his sprawling Jonesboro mansion.
T.I. filed the motion Tuesday (Nov . 6) along with an additional request asking that cleaners be allowed to come in and care for his yard, pool and home.As per his bond conditions, Judge Alan Baverman has said that the rapper is only allowed three pre-approved visitors at a time.Should Judge Baverman approve the conditions, T.I. would need to pay for additional guards for the dinner and he would only be able to serve non alcoholic beverages. (Source)T.I. was arrested October 13 in a shopping center parking lot where he attempted to take possession of 3 automatic weapons and 2 silencers from a bodyguard.

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