Friday, November 2, 2007

T.I's Bodyguard considers changing his testimony!

November 02, 2007. The criminal case against T.I. may not be as strong as it once looked. That's because has exclusively learned that the prosecution's star witness may no longer be willing to testify.

A person familiar with the case agreed to speak exclusively to on the condition of anonymity. And according to that person, TI's bodyguard is seriously contemplating changing his testimony. The insider explains, "I spoke with [T.I.'s bodyguard] and he's not sure that he's willing to go through with this ... He doesn't want to be the one responsible for putting [T.I.] in prison." The source adds, "There's a lot of pressure on him to keep quiet .... and I think it's getting to him."

But TI's not out of the woods yet. spoke with another person close to the case who claims that the feds could prosecute even without the bodyguard's testimony. That person explained, "Federal prosecutors have more than just the testimony of [T.I.'s bodyguard]. They have recorded conversations and physical evidence." But the insider added, "That being said, if [the bodyguard] changed his testimony, it would be a serious blow to the prosecution's case."

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